About us


About Us

KitKat Rescue is an animal rescue organization who specializes in helping the thousands of Cats and Dogs throughout the Valley. Please feel free to visit our Cats for adoption page here. We also have dogs but have yet to set up their page please call about available dogs.

Foster Homes Needed

Our highest priority is Foster Homes! Each cat, kitten, puppy or dog we can provide with a foster home means we have saved another life. Fostering is easy, you simply provide the pet with food, water and a loving home until he/she is ready to be adopted by their forever home family.

If you feel this sounds like something you would enjoy doing then please contact us atfoster@kitkatrescue.org – each and every soul saved will thank you!

Cats for Adoption

We will be showing cats Petsmart on Warner and  School and Petsmart at Rittenhouse and Ellsworth cats here are available through store hours so please feel free to come and make friends and possibly adopt your new family member, they look forward to your visit.

Volunteers Needed

Adoption councelors who have experience with people and animals are needed in both the adoption centers. People who wish to spend quality petting and playing time at both adoption centers and to clean up after these cuties (alma school only for cleaning) are needed too please. Need people for laundry detail if anybody has a laundry cleaning desire, we have lots of towels and beds for the animals seeking cleanness with a slight touch of bleach. People who can transport to/from vet, spay/neutering and adoption centers would be greatly appreciated too.

Donations Needed

Also any donations such as sealed food, toys, cat trees etc are gratefully excepted. Please call and we can let you know the drop off location.

Monetary donations also greatfully recieved, this is to help with medication and other expenses that help us save animals on euthanasia lists at other resuces, that do not practice our NO KILL policy, and need help overcoming their illnesses so they can be given second chances of coming to your forever home once they are well again.

You can send a donation to PO Box 2006, Chandler AZ 85244. We will also be setting up a link for credit card donations through petfinder.


Petsmart — 808 W Warner Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225, 480-786-4464 — Instore Adoption Center during Petsmart hours of operation.

Petsmart — 21082 S Ellsworth Loop Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85242 — Instore Adoption Center during Petsmart hours of operation. Click